About Me


Thank you for visiting Truway Home Inspections LLC a privately held and family owned business. I am a sole home inspector, born and raised here in West Texas. My number one priority is to provide you with the personal attention that you deserve! I am strictly working for YOU only, focusing on the safety of your home and your family. I have a strong passion for teaching and educating others, my number one goal when I decided to be a home inspector is to educate and properly inform homeowners of the maintenance issues required to keep their home safe and to stand the test of time. When you hire me you hire experience, I bring almost 15 years of combined experience from construction, remodeling, and building maintenance industries to my inspection business. Having these skills, I believe makes me uniquely qualified in finding hidden defects that other home inspectors may not be familiar with. Not only do I know what goes into the structural aspects of a home, but also I have seen the problems that can occur in buildings from lack of maintenance or from poor workmanship and/or materials. My written report will be provided in an efficient manor with photos and will discuss what I have found in a way that puts the property and its condition into perspective. I will take the time to answer any questions you have. I treat my clients like family, so if there is ever any questions you have I would be more than happy to assist you in any way I can. I run and operate my business the way I believe every business should, that is with honesty and integrity! 

I am a proud graduate of one of the most prestigious real estate schools in Texas, Champions School of Real Estate. I have successfully completed all 394 online and classroom hours that were offered, combined with hands on training. In addition, I am certified by InterNACHI (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors) the world’s largest nonprofit association of residential and commercial property inspectors. As a InterNACHI-Certified Professional Inspector® I am required to pass an Inspector Exam, follow a comprehensive Standards of Practice, abide by a strict Code of Ethics, and take accredited Continuing Education courses each year. I have acquired extensive home inspector training through InterNACHI’s rigorous Continuing Education curriculum, which includes dozens of live classroom, online, and video training courses, written by experts in their field, which have received more than 1,400 accreditations by state and governmental agencies throughout North America. Although the State of Texas requires licensing of home inspectors, the certifications and Continuing Education required by InterNACHI serve as additional in-depth training for the certified inspector so that he can provide sufficient and accurate information regarding a home’s condition.

If you any have further questions, please call me at (432) 664-2181


Focused On You

 At TruWay Home Inspections, I provide you with an honest, factual and non-biased report on the property being considered. After completing the actual home inspection, I create a Home Inspection Report and even though I consider my reports to be among the industry’s best in showing detail, I also encourage you to attend a post-inspection walk-through of the property with me if at all possible. I provide you with a in-depth report which includes “detailed” images of areas a homeowner may never access like the roof, attic and crawlspace with additional comments, discussions, recommendations and thermal imaging photographs. In most cases I provide a computer generated report through mail fax or email within 24 hours. After you have reviewed this home inspection report which is held in confidentiality between you and TruWay Home Inspections, I make myself available to go over the entire report so that you understand all that is contained within it. It is your decision to release this report to any other parties either in hard copy or by allowing others to access your report online. I also realize that time is critical factor in most residential real estate transactions and as such, TruWay Home Inspections will do everything within our power to accommodate the inspection date and time of your choosing. 


Mission Statement

TruWay Home Inspections endeavors to provide home buyers and sellers alike with the very best the home inspection industry has to offer with cutting edge technology, exceptional customer service, and a commitment to continuing education within the discipline of home inspection.  I am there to represent you to give a thorough Inspection and report on the condition of the property from the quality of construction to the defects, also to identify the important safety features and locations of disconnects for the property. We strive on being very thorough but at the same time using our experience to let you know what is important and what is not, so you can make an informed decision about the property.  Every property has many components and they all need to be checked by a qualified inspector and to report on the findings. We can deliver the best inspection and report and give you the proper prospective of your new home purchase that you will find. Most of our business comes from years of great services from past clients and referrals. Join us to be another satisfied client.